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The time is now: digital is real and life is always on.

Our Solutions

Retail Digitainment®

Your brand attracting and engaging, expanding your audience to generate more sales for you.

Digital Audience Booster

Broaden your audience with digital strategies by building your Internet property, whether you are a brand, a digital influencer or a celebrity.

Success Cachback Projects

Invest in projects with Nommad360 that can generate Cashback (Return on Your Investment), up to 100% of sponsorships, for you or your company.

Natural Born Killers

Do you want to create a truly innovative experience with your target? A co-creation project conceived together can change the perception of your brand.

Interactive Sales®

We transform consumption into a form of entertainment through the exclusive LIS (Live Interactive Sales®) technique.

Live Interactive Sales

Sell your products and services on Lives on YouTube and Instagram integrated with your e-commerce, whether it's Black Friday, other Special Dates or whenever you want.

Entertainment Sales

Attract, engage and convert more by promoting your sales online using Celebrities or Influencers as presenters.

Smart Commerce

Your e-commerce in the future with tools such as: Augmented Reality, Marketplace, 3D Products, WhatsApp ChatBot, Fullfilment Automation and much more!

We, Nommads

Marcelo Montone


Always in tune, he has been driven by innovations, digital business and technology since Atari.

André Silveira


Expert in management and retail, he builds real relationships and has unique eyebrows, like Spok.

Luiz Gini


Award-winning executive in the advertising sector, he reaches audiences with the same energy as Bruce Lee.

Mauro Mello


Master in BI and Planning, seeks results in the jungle of KPIs with the strength of Indiana Jones.

Structure designed for the Challenges of Real Life

Nommad.ID has a agile nuclear structure in content, media, data science, BI and Digital Production. And, when needed, it also accesses the best resources and partners to execute your projects.

Specialized in mobile devices, retail, performance, brand strategies with Design Thinking and entertainment , we help drive the revolution of cities and communities through data intelligence with global partners like Skedgo ®, Samyroad ®, among others.


We produce Landing Pages, Websites, Hotsites and Mobile Applications with the biggest Internet platforms like WordPress, iOS and Android.


We implement and manage your online sales platform, be it a traditional e-commerce, a dropshipping or a marketplace.


We use the best professionals and the most efficient tools to make your mark among the first in Google search.


We implement Customer Service Chatbots, Whatsapp SAC, as well as other automations to free up your time for what you are best at.


We create, produce and execute the Streaming of your Lives, whether for Shows, Training or Online Sales, on YouTube or Instagram.


Actions that include videos and interactions convert 78% more, we are experts in integrating your brand with the most suitable model.


We create and integrate strategies combined with Digital Influencers to leverage your brand on Social Media generating more sales.


We work with the most modern and efficient tools managed by the best players and vehicles in the market to make your brand boom on the Internet.


We have a mantra: what is not measured cannot be improved. Obsessed with numbers and effective results for your business.

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Vem de Bosch®


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