07 tips to calculate your digital investment

Planning the marketing budget of large companies is an annual challenge that directors and entrepreneurs face. In times of crisis, many brands started to demand more results, with less investment, so having new ideas became a necessary item to move advertising agencies and offices. Today, the question that moves customers and suppliers the most has become the same: how to create a really effective marketing plan?

Far beyond the strategies already known by executives, who have been investing in offline marketing for years and know how to analyze TRPs and GRPs, coverage, demographics and other variables of offline advertising, today advertising needs to pay attention to where, according to specialists and scholars, the audience is most present: the internet.

According to Marcelo Montone, a consultant in Digital Marketing and founder of the agency Nommad.ID, one of the biggest problems when creating a plan is to keep an outdated mindset for funding.

For him, many entrepreneurs still focus on investments that present high risks of unusable results. “Many entrepreneurs and directors have turned to their offline agencies, or referrals from partners or friends, to start building a digital brand image. However, these two “easy” choices aren’t the best options.” , said.

According to Montone, the problems that both options have can be diagnosed quickly. “In the first case, offline agencies often end up migrating part of the online budget, which could bring more results at a lower cost, to investments in traditional offline media, where they will possibly have better negotiation and lower cost of hand of specialized work. In the second, the manager will have to fully place his trust in the person he indicated, and in the possible nominees, however, he will continue without the knowledge base to monitor and demand the results of his partners.”, he said.

Therefore, creating a strategy also focused on digital materials became essential. But how to do it?

It’s not enough just to have a website or a social networking page, you need to stand out in the midst of an ocean of information and reach your customer: that housewife who is looking for new things, the teenager who loves video games and even the older man that he is. in love with cars, for example.

For this, the expert says that, in addition to planning a detailed briefing and offering truly measurable competition, it is necessary to follow a structured step-by-step that is able to provide companies and agencies with a chance to create great results and interesting actions for the ultimate audience.

Check out the tips:

1) Define who will sell

Have a clear description of your product or service;
Get market research data about the product you want to promote in digital media;
Have Digital Brand Search data about your brand and your competitors.

2) Define who will sell to

Get demographic data of your targets;
Research your consumers’ digital behavioral habits.

3) Know how much it will cost

What will the unit cost of your product or service be to the consumer;
Plan promotions or special purchase conditions, if any;
What is the average ticket you want to achieve with your sales in the period.

4) Determine what your sales goal is

Plan your goal on unit sales or average tickets;
Distribute them throughout the year, increasingly and consciously;

5) Realize what is success for your brand

Is success being known to millions of users?
Is success selling units?
Be clear what is success for your brand between awareness (awareness) and conversion into sales.

6) Know the period and investment required

Determine the period of campaigns to achieve the desired goals;
Plan the amount you will have available for the agency to invest;

7) Choose your partner

Demand from your agency a planning based on the data from the previous items, showing what strategies, tactics and how they will measure the results of the campaigns to deliver your goal in the period you want.


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