Digital is expected to grow 12% by 2021

Betting on digital advertising is the starting point for any type of business, according to the CEO of a technology company.

According to the 18th Global Entertainment and Media Survey 2017-2021, carried out by PwC, the world’s professional services provider in the areas of auditing, consulting and other services, investments in digital marketing in Brazil are expected to grow 12% per year until 2021 .

According to Victor Canô, CEO of Cazamba, a media technology company, a reference in innovation in the engagement of brands with their consumers through digital ads in different formats, betting on digital advertising is the starting point for any type of business. The sector’s strategies and solutions have become the main tool for brands seeking to be in evidence and leverage their business.

Another point of influence is the change in people’s behavior in the online environment. As consumers are increasingly connected, they contribute to the transformation of communication.

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