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ESPN and NOMMAD come together to spread news of the channel

ESPN launch a hotsite to simplify the procedure by sports fans. Conceived in partnership with the Nommad.ID agency, the initiative is a solution for those who do not yet have the content of ESPN on their TV and internet plans and intend to make the subscription through an operator or provider.

“We have identified in this opportunity a way to simplify the range of sports fans to access our channels and services. With a few clicks, the user will know all the sports variety of ESPN and know where to find our content, whether it is offered by the linear channels or platform everywhere, highlights Marcello Zafar, Vice President of affiliate of ESPN.

Sports fans who do not have subscription or broadband TV plans can register on the platform to receive promotions and news from ESPN firsthand. Currently ESPN has four channels in the Brazilian market (ESPN Brasil, ESPN, ESPN + and ESPN Extra), in addition to Watch ESPN, a platform that allows streaming access to the four channels, as well as exclusive events and videos on demand that can be accessed Via app for iOS and Android.

“Nowadays the consumer likes to decide what and when to see, watch the example of Netflix and HBO GO, which grow daily. If he wants to have more quality and options, he has to have this power, offering what the consumer wants in a practical way is paramount these days. “He said, Marcelo.

All the action was structured with the method created by Marcelo, the No risk Media, which offers effective results for companies and brands with zero risk of lost investment. “We are in crisis, so every brand has to think well where and how to invest, especially on the Internet. The NO Risk Media resets this venture as the agency is remunerated for the effective delivery of results, such as sales or leads, and not for planning, honorary and BV media as in traditional agencies. “

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