Facebook plans similar tool to Clubhouse

A report by The New York Times stated on Wednesday, 10, that Facebook is planning a product similar to Clubhouse, a live audio chat application that has been gaining Brazilian users in the last two weeks.

Two sources close to the newspaper informed the newspaper that the company would have demanded the creation of a resource such as the platform. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook himself, participated in conversations through the Clubhouse, as well as other high-ranking executives such as Elon Musk.

Another social networking company, Twitter, is developing a tool with the same proposal. Called Spaces, the feature allows the creation of chat rooms by voice and open to the public, but the power of speech is moderated by the creator of the virtual environment. The Spaces proposal was announced in November 2020, before the arrival of the Clubhouse in the hands of Brazilians. Spaces is in the testing phase, but Twitter implemented audio on the platform in June.

source: Medium and Message

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