How luxury brands are coping with the upheaval in the digital world.

The growth of digital marketing is changing the way luxury brands engage with customers and how traditional businesses must embrace what is now possible in today’s connected and mobile world or fall behind for good. According to experts in the luxury segment, this swath of the luxury market is passing through a vital transition point.

After the mobile telephony and electronics segment, the automobile industry such as Jaguar, Porche, Lamborghini is an example of the profound change brought about by the digital. Second Marcelo Montone , digital marketing specialist and CEO of Nommad, “The number of people who go to a car dealership has decreased. They really go when everything is ready, before that, everything is done online.”

The implication for brands in the luxury automotive sector of digital marketing is that, in order to win this physical visit to the dealership, it is necessary to first make all the involvement with the customer online, ensuring that attractive digital content is available.

One of the most impressive benefits of the digital age is that it generates data, with a wealth of analysis that was previously impossible: “Digital media is more measurable than any other form of media we make. It’s not just about huge outreach numbers, it’s about creating an engagement with our skilled consumers, understanding their journey and then delivering relevant content along that path. ”

To help better understand this segment, Marcelo Montone highlights 3 marketing tips for the luxury market:

  • Take the brand’s glamor into account, the ego doesn’t just exist in consumers.
  • Advertise only to the right audience, those who can actually buy your product.
  • Use content marketing and influencers that speak directly to your audience.


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