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How luxury brands are dealing with the twist of the digital world.

The growth of digital marketing is changing the way luxury brands engage with customers and how traditional companies should embrace what is now possible in today’s connected and mobile world or stay behind definitively. According to specialists in the luxury segment, this luxury market range is going through a vital transition point.

After the mobile and electronic telephony segment, the automobile industry such as Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini is an example of the profound change operated by the digital. According to Marcelo Montone, a specialist in digital marketing and CEO of Nommad, “the number of people who address a car dealership has declined. Go really when everything is ready, before that, everything is done online. ”

The implication for the brands of the luxury automotive sector of digital marketing is that in order to achieve this physical visit the concessionaire is necessary to make all the involvement with the online client, ensuring that an attractive digital content is available.

One of the most expressive benefits of the digital era is that it generates data, with a wealth of analysis before impossible: “Digital media is more measurable than any other form of media we do. It’s not just huge range numbers, it’s about creating an engagement with our skilled consumers, understanding their journey and then delivering relevant content along that path. ”

To help better understand this segment, Marcelo Montone highlights 3 marketing tips for the luxury market:

  • Take into account the glamour of the brand, the ego does not exist only in consumers.
  • Advertise only to the right audience, those who can actually purchase your product.
  • Use content marketing and influencers who speak directly to your audience.

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