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How to calculate the investment of digital marketing in the company?

Planning the big business marketing budget is an annual challenge that directors and communication professionals face. In times of crisis, many brands have started to demand more results with less investment, so having new ideas has become an item needed to move advertising agencies and offices. Currently, the question that most moves customers and vendors has become the same: how to create a really effective marketing planning?

Far beyond the strategies already known to executives, who for years have invested in offline marketing and know how to analyze TRPs and GRPs, coverages, demographics and other variables of offline advertising, nowadays advertising has come to need to pay attention Where, according to experts and scholars, the audience is most present: the Internet.

According to the consultant in Digital Marketing and founder of the agency Nommad.ID, Marcelo Montone, one of the biggest problems when creating a plan is to keep an outdated thought for the monies. For him, many entrepreneurs still focus on investments that present high risks of unusable results.

According to Montone, the problems that the two options have can be diagnosed quickly. “In the first case, often offline agencies end up migrating part of the online budget, which could bring more result with lower cost, for investments in traditional off-line media, where they possibly will have better negotiation and lower hand cost of Specialized work. In the second, the manager will have to fully deposit his trust in the person he has indicated, and in the possible indicated, however, will continue without the knowledge base to accompany and collect the results of his partners ”
, he said.

Creating a strategy also focused on digital materials has become essential. But how to do?

– Realizing what is success for your brand– success is to be known by millions of users?

-Success is selling units?

– Have clear what is success for your brand between knowledge

(awareness) and conversion into sales.

– Know what period and investment is needed– Determine the period of the campaigns to achieve the desired goals.

– Plan The amount you will have available for the agency to invest.

– Choose your partner– If you choose an agency to develop your marketing campaigns, require planning based on data from previous items, demonstrating strategies, tactics, and how you will measure the results of your campaigns to deliver your goal In the period you want.

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