‘Influencers’ and digital advertising

How and why the ‘ influencers’  guarantee space in advertising
If you’re a fan of social media, you’ve probably lost count of how many times you’ve seen the hashtag #public  or #advertising  after a photo of someone holding a product or enjoying some special moment, right? Whether you are a person connected to fashion, books, sports, beauty or many other subjects, what else you can see in recent years is the rise of these “ poster boys”  who often receive products or trade value for posts made on Facebook or Instagram. these are the famous  digital influencers”  (“ digital influencers” , in literary translation).

For most of us, it doesn’t make much sense to see this new ‘profession’ grow, so we often end up wondering what a  influencer “, blogger or “ youtuber” can bring good to the lives of people who consume its content. However, it is possible to answer this central question quickly with one attitude: analyze the wave of these “influencers ” from the perspective of brands and the return they generate for them. Thus, everything changes. It is necessary to remember that the life of the consumer, the current “user ”, no longer allows space for extensive content, difficult to be read or watched. We are avid consumers for information at all times, which generates a lot of anxiety and, mainly, mental fatigue. So, amidst this amount of content available, it is normal that whoever is more relevant to the user attracts more attention and greater interaction with the ideas or products presented. New users, especially the ones millennials , they don’t buy from the impulse of the old publicity, they are much more involved with political attitudes, they raise flags and preach a more detached life. Even so, this is already the generation that consumes the most in our country. They seek to relate in digital media with brands and personas  that they understand them and that they have a world more like theirs. In short, they are looking for someone who speaks their language. And that’s where the “ influencer” . Despite their little experience in the media and even little training, most of the time, these people are able to reach the public in full, generating sales and often depleting the stock of brands. This is all because they can actually influence readers or spectators, whether for good or for bad. The relationship is proportional to the perception of value that a football player has. People often do not understand the astronomical earnings of these professionals. Many even condemn the amount, not realizing that, in fact, that amount is based not only on the club’s salary, but, yes, on the awareness  that that professional generates for the brands, resulting in a great return in sales. Be it a player, poster boy or “ influencer “: in the business world, only what doesn’t work ends.  And while the “influencers “No matter how less prepared or experienced they bring in the consumers that brands crave, they’ll be there, with millions of views on their ‘content’ and getting paid for every post, even though it doesn’t make sense to most of us.

Marcelo Montone, CEO of Nommad. id


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