The problem is that the formats evolved, and currently they invade our lives by smartphones , tablets, computers, social networks, the streets, events and even the messages of WHATSAPP.

Knowing how to create in a variety of formats is essential to make your brand consistent. And an experience is only memorable when it is thought to the user, according to their behavior. We specialize in UX and WEB DESIGN, develop wireframes and Prototypes , websites, Hotsites , applications, e-commerce and digital on-demand projects. Learn below the strategies and tactics we use to inspire your consumers:


Our planning covers a complete scope of deliveries, creating strategies that guarantee the constant evolution of performance and knowledge of the brand by its consumers.

  • Market Assessment and competition
  • Brand positioning
  • Strategic accounts Management
  • ROI Management
  • Media Planning and optimization


We use the main tools to understand exactly how your brand is currently positioned on the internet, what they think and what they say about it.

  • Brand Diagnosis
  • Site and channel Diagnostics
  • Content Diagnostics
  • Diagnosis of media and social networks
  • Diagnosis of Brand mentions on social networks


Digital Consultancy for your company, with deliveries that includes a full and personalized stock map for your brand. In addition, we can follow the implementation of the strategies to ensure the correct implementation of the actions.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Channel and content strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • CRM strategy
  • Measurement and monitoring strategy


We develop the architecture, interface design and programming to provide the best user experience at any point of contact of your consumers.

  • Information architecture
  • User Experience Design
  • Wireframe and prototyping
  • Conceptual Visual Design
  • Testing A/B Online


The purpose of your campaign may require an innovative execution, or the creation of a new relationship channel, even the simple restyling of your site. Nommad produces any type of digital design for your brand:

  • Sites and Hotsites
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Apps
  • Branded Games
  • Augmented reality
  • Systems and Extranets


Currently about 80% of accesses and interactions occur through smartphones and tablets. A native application offers more integrations with the consumer apparatus, whether it’s an institutional brand application, some service offered by the brand or even an application dedicated to some campaign.

  • IOS and Android applications
  • Mobile Games
  • Digital catalogues
  • E-Publishing


Get to know the strategies and tactics we use to convert new leads, users and customers to your brand.

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