Bayer My Rules



Bayer® My Rules

The Challenge

There is research that proves an unmet need on the part of contraceptive pill users: they are in control of everything in life (studies, career, family, relationships), except for menstruation.

The Solution

The campaign was developed by highlighting the brand and the flexible regime at all the target’s touch points, with the same message highlighted by the app.

To inspire consumers, we developed a hotsite focused on relevant content about the flexible regime, promoting it only to consumers and gynecologists, as well as posts promoted by influencers, increasing reach. The traffic was generated by Google Ads, Programatic, and E-mail Marketing.

The results

The campaign beat all the goals stipulated in the planning, with emphasis on the campaign of Video Views on YouTube , who hit the goal in +263% , and for the CPC / CPV , with just 29% of projected cost .

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