BBB Carrefour



BBB Carrefour

The Challenge

To be present and stand out in the most mediatic program at the beginning of the year, for more than ten years in a row, considering that the brand was not a BBB sponsor. How to do the Carrefour be relevant and integrate into the dynamics of the house, involving the participants and making them positively reverberate each of the actions and the new global hypermarket model.

The Solution

The first food retail chain to participate in the BBB with actions involving merchandising of consumer products and financial services, food and electronics promotions. The setting up of a special supermarket within the program for the Brothers to shop every week and supply the pantry of the most famous house in Brazil.

The results

With several activations and actions integrated with stores throughout Brazil, the CARREFOUR increased its sales by more than 25% and broke all records in different product categories for months at a time.

What’s more, after years the French network won back the Top Of Mind in the Retail Category and largely surpassed the recall of traditional program advertisers such as automaker FIAT and beverage maker AMBEV for two straight years between 2014 and 2015

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