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Garoto Digital

The Challenge

How to transform a traditional and worn brand into a phenomenon of Social Media and the third community of fans in Brazil in a few months.

The Solution

Develop relevant content and invest in platforms based on an integrated planning framework, with accurate data intelligence on the consumer journey, attribution models and “social listening” to accurately and more assertively determine investments and obtain the best ROI return /ROAS for the Garoto brand.

The results

In addition to the creation of a new successful product, based on insights obtained with BI and “Social Listening” for the development of the “Caribe” chocolate bar, unprecedented results were obtained for a national brand such as the various Facebook Global awards: Top 10 Smart Storyteller , 3rd Largest Fan Page in Brazil , besides the 15% increase in sales of the famous Yellow Box of Chocolates in an unprecedented Christmas promo with Amazon, resulting in 536,000 new users and 670% above initial goal .

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