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Ponto Frio BBB

Launch a new concept of advertising, combining advertising and entertainment to generate more public interest, recall and spontaneous media, with the association of the Ponto Frio brand – the second largest retail chain in Brazil at the time – with the most successful brand on Brazilian TV in the first quarter of the year, for years in a row: Big Brother Brazil.

Ponto Frio appropriated this powerful sales weapon, with merchandising actions and BBB brand licensing in its advertising campaigns, creating several sales promotions during the summer and Carnival period, resulting in the growth of 12.5% in a period of 90 days, when retail has a historically poor or negative performance.

Furthermore, we set Cooperative Actions with the Industry (Semp Toshiba, Electrolux, Philips, Brastemp, Positivo, among others..) Each week there was a different brand selling its products inside the Ponto Frio Store at BBB and with the reproduction of these commercial actions in the more than 500 POSs of the chain in Brazil. An integration between what happened on TV and real life in stores.

The results

The Advertainment strategy brought even more notoriety for the Ponto Frio brand , with 42% of spontaneous brand retention (according to Datafolha) x 20% of the second most remembered brand, of an automaker, setting historical records for awareness , credibility and persuasion , resulting in a 10% increase in total sales in the period from January to March, in addition to the peak sales of more than 50% of the cooperative brands of Industry.

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