Samsung Surfboard



Samsung Surfboard

The Challenge

A technology company looking to get closer to extreme sports and, mainly, that would be participating for the first time in the Olympics (in 2016 in Rio) as a demo sport and later as a competitive sport (Tokyo 2020-2021).

The Solution

With the growth of Brazilians in the global surfing scene, occupying the top positions in the ranking and forming a new generation called “Brazilian Storm”, Samsung accepted to sponsor an unprecedented and technological action with the World Champion Gabriel Medina .

we made a unique, interactive and embedded surfboard with Samsung Galaxy smartphone technology , installed on its own and allowing the surfer to exchange information with their coach on land to receive instructions, tips on weather conditions and correction suggestions during their training in “real time”.

The results

This action gained wide media attention, with the spontaneous generation of thousands of pages and articles about this action in different global publications for months and more than 5 Million people impacted on Social Media, providing growth in followers and even more engagement for Samsung.

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